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    ZLINE 36" Dual Fuel Range with Snow Finish Door, RA-SN-36

    ZLINE 36" Dual Fuel Range with Snow Finish Door, RA-SN-36

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    Also Available in 30"(RA-SN-30)48"(RA-SN-48)

    Why DuraSnow®?
    -Fingerprint resistant
    -Non-directional finish
    -Outdoor-approved 304 grade stainless steel

    Professional 36" Range

    ZLINE's Professional 36" Range is complete with a 6 burner gas cooktop for energy efficiency, temperature control, and even-cooking. The 4.6 cu. ft. of deep oven capacity provides a large cooking area that’s perfect for multiple dishes at once and easily handles large baking sheets, like an 18" pizza.

    Three-Layer Glass Oven
    • An oven with three layers of glass and dual lighting.
    • Professional aluminum mesh seal for optimum insulation.
    • Oven light controlled by a light switch located on the front panel.
    • Crystal clear visibility to see inside your oven while cooking.

    Stay-Put Hinges
    • ZLINE's proprietary stay-put hinges.
    • Designed to support the full weight of the oven door and stop at any place.
    • Durable and effective, with a smooth action.

    Enamel Cooktop
    • Heavy Duty Italian-made enamel one-piece cooktop.
    • 6 burners provide the perfect range of cooking power from 4,200 to 18,000 BTUs.
    • One-piece cooktop allows for an easy to clean surface - no crevices that can hold residue.
    • No-scratch enamel designed to handle every cooking environment.

    Cast Iron Grates
    • Solid-piece cast iron grate - heavy duty and built to last.
    • Extremely durable, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.


    Italian Burners

    • Handcrafted, high-quality Italian Burners imported directly from Italy.
    • Premium alloy to ensure efficient and clean-burning flames.
    • Durable and easy to clean. Italian burners easily detach for a simple clean.

    Stainless Steel Knobs
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel knob controls with smooth action turn.
    • 5 oven settings.

    Adjustable Legs
    • ZLINE ranges feature stainless steel, easy-to-install, adjustable legs.
    • Twist legs to adjust total range height anywhere from 36" to 38.5".

    About the Brand - ZLINE has been in business for over a decade because of its great customers who have come to depend on what they provide best such as service, quality, and value. Attention to what customers want is a high priority and they make sure they achieve it. Unbeatable prices, solid top performance, and exceptional support.

    ZLINE has put a lot of thought into engineering and designing stylish, top-quality, solid products for all of your Kitchen needs. Their products are rigorously tested and homeowners approved. They feature some of the most powerful Range Hoods and Ranges in the industry – designed for all types of household applications. ZLINE products have proven themselves over the test of time and they are one of the most reliable leaders in their field.

    Should you have any questions about any other products we offer, our Sales/Products Team is available to help by calling (800)604-1380 Ext2. Whether you just want to buy a ZLINE Gas Range, a Range Hood, or any of our products, we are here to help.