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    ZLINE 48" Dual Fuel Range in Snow Stainless, Red Gloss Door, RAS-RG-48

    ZLINE 48" Dual Fuel Range in Snow Stainless, Red Gloss Door, RAS-RG-48

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    Professional 48" Range

    ZLINE's Professional 48" Range is complete with a 7 burner gas cooktop for energy efficiency, temperature control, and even-cooking. The 6.0 cu. ft. of deep oven capacity provides a large cooking area that’s perfect for multiple dishes at once and easily handles large baking sheets, like an 18" pizza.

    Three-Layer Glass Oven
    • An oven with three layers of glass and dual lighting.
    • Professional aluminum mesh seal for optimum insulation.
    • Oven light controlled by a light switch located on the front control panel.
    • Crystal clear visibility to see inside your oven while cooking.

    Stay-Put Hinges
    • ZLINE's proprietary stay-put hinges.
    • Designed to support the full weight of the oven door and stop at any place.
    • Durable and effective, with a smooth action.

    Enamel Cooktop
    • Heavy Duty Italian-made enamel one-piece cooktop.
    • 4 burners provide the perfect range of cooking power from 4,200 to 18,000 BTUs.
    • One-piece cooktop allows for an easy to clean surface - no crevices that can hold residue.
    • No-scratch enamel designed to handle every cooking environment.

    Cast Iron Grates
    • Solid-piece cast iron grate - heavy duty and built to last.
    • Extremely durable, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.
    Italian Burners
    • Handcrafted, high-quality Italian Burners imported directly from Italy.
    • Premium alloy to ensure efficient and clean-burning flames.
    • Durable and easy to clean. Italian burners easily detach for a simple clean.

    Stainless Steel Knobs
    • Heavy-duty stainless steel knob controls with smooth action turn.
    • 5 oven settings.

    Adjustable Legs
    • ZLINE ranges feature stainless steel, easy-to-install, adjustable legs.
    • Twist legs to adjust total range height anywhere from 36" to 38.5".